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Daily rent apartments Vinnytsia

14 EUR


1 rooms, Leninskiy district +38(096) 005-00... Updated 29.04.2018
15 EUR

Keletskaya-ul, 142

1 rooms, Leninskiy district +38(096) 005-00... Updated 26.02.2018
13 EUR


3 rooms, Zamostyanskiy dist... +3806365167...

Rent flats daily in Vinnytsia

If you want to be away for a couple of days from hectic city and pass time in calmer, but at the same time beautiful and modern city - flats daily in Vinnytsia are marvellous opportunity to stay and rest from long, weary road. Today daily rent flats is a popular service, that is used by people of all ages.
Justly,a lot of Ukrainians and tourists want to visit this marvellous city every year. All of them are interested in one thing: where one can rent a flat cheap without middlemen?

Each flat daily Vinnytsia corresponds to your image of an ideal flat. In a flat there all necessary furniture: chairs, sofa, bed, tables, wardrobes.

Apart from them in a flat there are:

  • washing machine
  • iron
  • ironing desk
  • oven
  • stove
  • refrigerator
  • electric kettle
  • microwave

You can do all your common things, like: cooking, washing and arranging clothes, take shower and rest.
If you’ve decided, ‘i will definitely rent a flat in Vinnytsia at a good price daily’, don’t be lazy to visit our site Any daily flat in the catalogue can be yours for the time of business trip or travel.

Very convenient service rent flats per hour

Not so long time ago there appeared very convenient service - flats per hour in Vinnytsia, that is very popular now.

If you travel to Vinnytsia not for a week, several days and not even for the whole day, but only for 6-8 hours, there is no need to rent a flat daily, because you’ll be there only several hours. You already need to part, but the money is paid.

Renting flat only for several hours one saves money. For this time one can take shower, refresh after the road, eat, rest and be ready to hit the road.

A lot of lovers use the service flats daily and per hour in Vinnytsia.

Such service also attracts businessmen, who often travel in some Ukrainian cities and they don’t have time to stay in one place even a day. It is enough for them to arrange things, refresh oneself, sleep a couple of hours and hit the road.

If you are interested in daily or per hour rent we recommend to choose a housing you like on our site and book it for the necesssary dates in one simple call.

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